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Sonic Support Group

Sonic Support Group is an interdisciplinary collaboration seeking to release the innate therapeutic potential within certain art exhibitions for NHS staff and frontline workers. The project is a joint initiative between Neurofringe – a group of Neurologists working in the UK who are engaged in the cutting edge intersections of neuroscience, art and society -…

Presentation at the Association of British Neurologists 2020

Video and interview produced by Neurofringe for the Association of British Neurologists, 2020. Video: Ahmed Twaij @twaiji Music: Ania Crawshaw, Emilio Reyes, Patrick CarpenterText: Ania Crawshaw, Nikos Gorgoraptis, Sabrina Kalam, Mo Mahmud

Open Call

Neurofringe is a platform for presenting and shaping the conversation around neuroscience as practice and philosophy. We hope to engage with humanities and arts, social sciences, health policy, education, patient experience and the public at large. This is a call out for ideas and events on subjects of interest as they inform and are informed…